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Akaitcho Today

About Ndilo,
Northwest Territories, Canada

Ndilo (pronounced "Dee-low") is located at the North end of Latham Island in Yellowknife. It lies within the Akaitcho Territory, Northwest Territories and along with the Dettah community, comes under the umbrella organization of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation. The two communities, along with Lutsel K'e and Denine Kue are part of the Akaitcho Territory Dene First Nations.

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

There are four First Nations within the Akaitcho Territory. They are:
Dettah (Yellowknives Dene First Nation)
Ndilo (Yellowknives Dene First Nation)
Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation
Deninu Kue First Nation
There is also a National Park located inside the Akaitcho Territory:
Thaydene Nene National Park
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